CMEC Project Management, Planning and Compliance in Action

Environmental Compliance Projects

  • CMEC reviews final design sets for public/private road building projects to ensure continued compliance with Section 404 Clean Water Act requirements
  • CMEC performs weekly monitoring during water treatment plant construction
  • CMEC oversees Migratory Bird Treaty Act compliance and habitat mitigation, revegetation, and tree planting for road construction projects


Ecological Projects

  • CMEC conducts Golden-cheeked warbler and Black-capped vireo surveys for cities, counties, and utility companies
  • CMEC conducts simultaneous bird surveys and construction noise monitoring to assess possible correlations
  • CMEC delineates wetlands with GPS and pursues Clean Water Act permitting for public and private clients throughout the state


Planning Projects

  • CMEC writes Indirect and Cumulative Impacts assessments for road projects throughout the State
  • CMEC organizes and helps host public meetings under NEPA
  • CMEC conducts Environmental Justice studies with 2010 Census Block data
  • CMEC prepares Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for hazardous materials for due diligence purposes
  • CMEC prepares alternatives analysis and environmental documents under new Federal Transit Administration guidelines for light rail and streetcar projects


Cultural Resources Projects

  • CMEC conducts archaeological surveys for roads, bridges, airports, electrical transmission lines, natural gas pipelines, and water/wastewater infrastructure
  • CMEC monitors utility line construction for archaeological resources
  • CMEC surveys historic structures and prepares photodocumentation reports
  • CMEC prepares as-built architectural drawings for historic structures


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Projects

  • CMEC provides professional ArcGIS services
  • CMEC develops vegetation and habitat suitability mapping
  • CMEC produces land use mapping for large-scale feasibility studies
  • CMEC generation GIS geoprocessing modeling
  • CMEC provides survey-grade GPS-based field mapping
  • CMEC conducts noise analysis modeling
  • CMEC generates and manages GIS databases
  • CMEC develops large-scale constraint mapping and graphics for public meetings


Wildlife Projects

  • CMEC provides census surveys, including deer spotlight counts
  • CMEC monitors and establishes conservation easements
  • CMEC conducts aquatic resource surveys
  • CMEC conducts vegetative sampling and monitoring