Bat Surveys

  • CMEC Biologists Hold a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Scientific Research Permit for Work with Threatened and Endangered Bats in the State of Texas
  • CMEC Biologists Hold an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Scientific Collecters' Permit for work with Threatened and Endangered Bats in the state of Oklahoma.
  • CMEC Biologists Hold a United States Fish and Wildlife Section 10 Research Permit for work with the Gray Bat, Ozark Big-eared Bat, Northern Long-eared Bat, and the Indiana Bat.
  • Bat Habitat Suitability Assessments
  • Roost Count and Bridge Surveys
  • Bat Presence/Absence Sampling Surveys
  • Surveys to Identify Bat Density and Species Richness
  • Bat Mist Netting and Harp Trapping
  • Passive Acoustic Receivers and Transect Surveys
  • White-Nose Syndrome Studies
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