Wildlife Technical Services

CMEC holds applicable federal and state-level Scientific Research permits with both the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for work with threatened and endangered species.

CMEC's wildlife biologists understand that biological surveys must be conducted with vigilance, dedication, and in sound science adhering to both state and federal resource agency guidelines. Biological surveys lay the foundational baseline assumptions upon which proper land management objectives and monitoring milestones must be formulated.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff of wildlife biologists, ecologists, wetland scientists, and resource planers have a wide array of certifications, permits, and decades of relevant project experience. Our field experience conducting threatened and endangered species presence/absence surveys, vegetation assessments and monitoring, and ecological resource projects in Texas and the surrounding states makes CMEC a leader in our field.

The CMEC team has an exceptional ability to reach out and work together with private landowners, developers, and regulatory agencies to achieve project goals and objectives in an efficient and timely manner. Additionally, our understanding of biological systems and processes and related environmental protection measures substantially lessens the probability and severity of possible project delays and complications.